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We’ve reviewed the best free antivirus software suppliers that will help you make an educated decision on which you should choose as your free antivirus.

There are some wonderful free antivirus companies in the market right now, which are definitely worth trying out. A few free antivirus software is truly better than a number of the paid software since they are quick to set up and run a full antivirus scan that works for most users. We’ve reviewed the best free antivirus software suppliers that will help you make an educated decision on which you should choose as your free antivirus, try this total av free.






mcafee-avRanked #1 best antivirus software of 2020. Highly accurate security solution for all your computers and devices

✅ Security for any number of devices
✅ Repair security problems on PCs remotely
✅ Removes malware or your money back
✅ Almost no false positives recorded
✅ Prevents scam attempts from reaching you
✅ Store your files in an encrypted folder

bitdefender-avProvides excellent virus protection, an extensive list of features and minimum effect on system performance.

✅ Highly rated virus detection capacities
✅ Standard package with premium features
✅ Chat firmly in popular social networks
✅ Surf the web safely and anonymously
✅ Extend battery life on notebooks and tablets
✅ Shield mobile devices from physical theft

norton-avHigh-accuracy, low-impact antivirus with online backup capabilities

✅ Detects viruses with no false flaggings
✅ Back up data and store it in the cloud
✅ Protects your usernames and passwords
✅ Prevent hacker infiltration without difficulty
✅ Manage your devices via an online portal
✅ Prevent and recover from identity theft

bullguard-avQuick and efficient antivirus program that is affordable and easy to use for everybody

✅ Scan your system quickly and accurately
✅ Protection for a whole smart home
✅ Protect yourself against identity theft
✅ Powerful and intuitive user interface
✅ Elegant and easy to master user interface
✅ Spot online scams before it is too late

kaspersky-avComprehensive antivirus solutions that suites all of your security needs

✅ Powerful scanning and detection system
✅ Undo damage caused by virus attacks
✅ Protects children from harmful material
✅ Clean up and optimize your computer
✅ Protects data against theft and accidents
✅ Feature-rich mid-range package


What’s free antivirus software and is it helpful?

Antivirus software is a tool that’s designed to keep your computer virus-free and clean of any malicious dangers which are lurking around on the internet. They’re designed to scan your PC in real-time to detect and eliminate any potential risks before they cause harm to your PC. They may also be installed onto an infected machine so as to wash it and ‘bring it back to life’.

A lot of companies offer completely free antivirus solutions. That’s great, right?

The requirement for an antivirus varies hugely depending on what you are doing on the apparatus. For instance; If you are on the internet, using online banking, playing games or just writing documents. Why does the sort of use matter? To begin with, every computer on the internet is vulnerable to viruses, scary huh? So, a general guideline is that if you are connected to the internet then be sure you’re running an antivirus, while it’s free or paid is another issue.

Free antivirus software can work really well and it costs absolutely nothing, which is always a bonus! Why would anyone pay for software which you can acquire at no cost? Paid antivirus software includes additional features that could work very efficiently to prevent the installation of a virus. The sort of additional features you’ll usually get are: spam filters, browser security, pc optimizer, and firewalls.

Free antivirus software often does the basics quite well and will often contain the necessary tools to maintain a device clean. The issue is that virus writers are constantly developing them to operate around antivirus programs. Having the extra features of paid software significantly increases the prospect of protection especially as virus developers are targeting vulnerabilities in browser plugins and email clients.

Is free antivirus safe to use?

Believe it or not, it is a free world out there. Free internet calls, free email, free programs but is free antivirus safe to use?

Free antivirus (AV) is normally a stripped-down variant of a complete paid AV solution, which comprises less features, obtrusive marketing and in some cases diminished performance. But this does not mean that the program is not safe to use.

Free antivirus programs vary in quality of the protection as much as paid antivirus apps but when free AV software was not safe or effective to use then AV growth companies would not spend time developing and marketing them.

Free programs frequently consist of marketing in the kinds of ads. This may be negligible, but endless pop-up boxes allow you to register for the paid version of whatever you are using can be rather distracting. Some free programs now attempt to change your web browser’s home page and default search engine, that annoys us greatly.

At the end of the day, it really matters which sort of computer user you are – conscious or techy. If you are very reserved and do not visit sites like Facebook or your Banking website you will usually get away with having a free antivirus very successfully. On the other hand, if you are more of an intrigued user and have a tendency to download a good deal of freeware or torrents then we highly suggest having a paid version that includes browser security and a firewall.

To finalize, of course, free antivirus software is physically secure to use (provided that you download from a legitimate source, do not go clicking on any old connection) but if it provides you with sufficient security is another question. Finally, another reason why a paid version could be chosen over free is that free software usually comes with no technical support at all, so in case you encounter an issue, you might need to devote your precious time researching a fix, attempting to fix it yourself or even worse, spending money on getting your local IT technician outside.



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