Antivirus Software

What’s Antivirus Software?

antivirus-softwareAntivirus software helps identify, prevent, and eliminate viruses from a computer: its auto-update attribute would record new viruses, thereby enabling the detection and elimination of new threats.

Importance of Antivirus Software

We are in need of antivirus software because, in the world today, any computer that does not have powerful antivirus software installed on it might get infected with many viruses within minutes of connecting it to the internet. Likewise, a system with no antivirus would also get infected by viruses coming in through devices connected to via spammy links which are sent across through emails or chats.

Nowadays computers (and other devices, like a smartphone or a tablet) are exposed to a continuous bombardment of all sorts of malicious applications, which want to damage the system or escape with sensitive information which may be used for other criminal activities.

Difference Between Paid and Free Antivirus Software

Antivirus software can be free or paid. There are some essential differences between the free and paid versions. Antivirus software mostly has been programmed to perform signature-based detection, according to which malware detection occurs matching signatures with a current list of signatures that are identified. On the other hand, paid Antivirus Programs to use the far more advanced heuristic method to catch complex threats also. This would include even complex zero-day threats. Paid antivirus programs work by executing malicious files in a digital space, through sandboxing, an innovative system of containment.

How Antivirus Program Works?

An antivirus program works by scanning files, directories or the entire system/device itself for malicious files or programs. Any malicious code that is detected will be advised to the consumer and when requested to wash, the antivirus would wash it. Thus, on the one hand, the antivirus software keeps the system free of malware and therefore prevents data theft and other serious harms, while on the other hand, it prevents the system from slowing down because of malware infection. An antivirus software thus improves system performance overall.